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This Winter Wilds Vinegar Base is food and medicine all rolled into one.  This vinegar infusion forms the base of the similarly named medicinal Oxymel, and apart from all the honey it has the same medicinal benefits!  Blend it with olive oil for an absolutely delicious (and medicinally beneficial) Vinaigrette dressing/marinade, or add it to soups and stir fries for an awesome punch of flavor!

About this infusion:  Because we’re heading into Winter, I wanted to create an infused vinegar that can serve as an herbal weapon in your cold and flu arsenal. To that end, I carefully selected wild plants and garden herbs to create an infusion that is rich in immune-boosting vitamins and minerals (especially Vitamin C) as well as antibacterial, respiratory anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, lymphatic support and blood purifying properties! 


Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother); Goldenrod; Wild Elderberries; Organic Pineapple Sage (flowers, buds, & leaves); Wild Pine Needles; Wild Garlic; Organic Rosemary; Organic Chia (flowers, buds, & leaves); Organic Celosia (flowers, stems, & leaves); Wild Violets (flowers & leaves); Organic Garden Sage; Ginger Root; Organic Roselle Calyxes; Wild Late Boneset (leaves & buds); Wild Beautyberries; Wild Rose-hips; Organic Lemongrass; Organic Garden Thyme; Dried Lemon Peel; Organic Red Beet (leaves & root); Raw Local Honey