GEORGIA DELIVERIES USUALLY TAKE PLACE EVERY OTHER THURSDAY. Please see the “GEORGIA DELIVERY CALENDAR” page in the menu for calendars. For local deliveries and farm pick-ups, we’ll contact you to make arrangements when you order.


RIGHT NOW WE’RE DELIVERING TO GEORGIA EVERY OTHER THURSDAY, EXCEPT WHERE HOLIDAYS REQUIRE OTHERWISE.  (Please see the “Tips and FAQs” page for a list of the cities we deliver to in GA.)  If you live close to our farm in Roanoke, AL (36274) we can also arrange to deliver to you pretty much any day.  

Here’s the next few months of our planned delivery dates, but please note that these dates are subject to change.  (When changes are made, the calendars will be updated and customers notified in the email.)

NOTE:  We have an order deadline of 4:00PM (Eastern Standard) on the day before our delivery day.  (This deadline allows us to harvest everything and get it packed up for delivery.)