GEORGIA DELIVERIES USUALLY TAKE PLACE EVERY OTHER THURSDAY. Please see the “GEORGIA DELIVERY CALENDAR” page in the menu for calendars. For local deliveries and farm pick-ups, we’ll contact you to make arrangements when you order.


(See the bottom of the page for FAQ's)

The ordering process itself should be fairly straightforward at this point, but here are some important tips to remember:  

  • We will have an order deadline of 4:00PM (Eastern Standard) on the day before our delivery day.  (This deadline allows us to harvest everything and get it packed up for delivery.)
  • In Georgia, we currently deliver to Newnan, Buckhead/Midtown, Brookhaven, Grant Park, Virginia Highlands, Downtown Atlanta, Decatur, Avondale Estates, Northlake, Smokerise, and Tucker.   (If you live in Metro Atlanta but your location isn't currently on the list, please contact us.  Depending upon how close you are to our delivery route, or if you have several neighbors who are also interested, we may be able to work something out!)
  • Inventory is generally added as soon as it becomes available throughout the week. If you want to buy an item that's out of stock, you'll be given the option to request an email notification as soon as we add more.  
  • This website platform doesn't have the ability to shut down ordering after the deadline passes.  If you accidentally order too late on Wednesday, we'll do our best to get your order filled and if we can't we'll contact you.  If you order on Thursday, you won't receive your order until the FOLLOWING Thursday.  
  • Payment can be made online or in person as cash or check (the latter option being for home delivery or local pick-up only).  If you choose to pay in person, you either need to be absolutely certain you'll be home all day, or contact us with where you intend to leave the payment.  You can also request that we call you on the day of delivery as soon as we have an estimated delivery window.
  • If you've ordered frozen or refrigerated items and won't be home to receive your delivery, please place a large cooler in a covered location (such as on your porch or in your carport) and place enough ice packs inside it keep things cool for as long as you'll be gone(If you have to use actual ice, make sure it's secured in double ziploc bags---you don't want the water leaking out and soaking your food!)  We'll place your items in the cooler for you, so they stay as fresh as possible.  If you're leaving the cooler somewhere that won't be immediately visible (like a back porch) please contact us ahead of time to let us know where to find it.  (If you don't have a cooler already, large styrofoam ones can be purchased cheaply at places like Target, WalMart, and Family Dollar.)  If you haven't left a cooler, we'll do our best to get in touch with you & remind you to hurry home.  (Some items are obviously more perishable than others, and in cool weather most anything will be fine outside for at least a few hours.)  
  • See the "Discount Info" page for an explanation of how to enter discount codes.

We'd REALLY appreciate it if you would save your delivery box and leave it out for us to pick up at your next delivery time.  (You can cut the tape and fold it down for easier storage.)  And if you have other unwanted cardboard boxes, we'd be thrilled to take them, as well!  Reduce, reuse, recycle baby!!  (This also helps us avoid having to purchase boxes & charge a packaging fee!)  We'd also really appreciate it if you returned any empty jars and lids that you don't have a use for!!!  (No need to wash it first, as we have to wash and sterilize it here anyway.)  Oh, and we know most recycling centers won't take your used egg cartons, so if you don't want them we're happy to collect those back as well.  (We can't re-use them for selling eggs, but we can grind them up for mulch and compost, etc.)


  1. "What if I realize I forgot to add something to my order, but I've already completed it.  Can I order again without getting a second delivery fee?"  Absolutely!  When you check-out, on the right (green) side of the page there's a box labeled "discount".  Enter the code "Add On" in that box, and you'll receive free delivery.  
  2. "Can I freeze the bread if I'm not planning to eat it right away?"  Yes!  The bread is baked the evening before it's sent to you, so it will still be fresh enough to freeze well.  For best results, I recommend you keep it wrapped well in the parchment paper it arrives in, and if you'll be using it within a week or two just wrap it again in foil.  If it might be frozen longer than that, I'd wrap it in plastic wrap then follow with foil, just to be extra safe.
  3. "Is there anything we can recycle back to you?"  YES!!!  We'd really appreciate if you helped us out by returning your delivery box the following week.  Just leave it out where we'll be leaving your next box, and we'll grab it.  We also welcome any similarly sized cardboard boxes you might have to give!  (This allows us to avoid having to charge a packaging fee, and honors our philosophy of reducing waste and maximizing reuse!)  We'd also REALLY appreciate getting back empty jars.  You don't have to worry about washing them, since we'd have to rewash and sterilize them ourselves anyway.  It's hard to find places that will recycle glass these days, so we'd like to reuse ours as often as possible rather than adding them to the overwhelmed landfills!  And while we can't resell used egg cartons, we're happy to take them off your hands.  We'll grind them up for compost/mulch, or use them in assorted other projects/crafts.  
  4. "Do you ever let people visit your farm?"  We LOVE visitors, and we can accommodate most any size group!  I promise the drive goes so much faster than you think it will, because over half of it is in low traffic zones with great country scenery.  Some activities you might enjoy while here are playing with the very docile goats; feeding the chickens, ducks, and peacocks; collecting chicken eggs; fishing in the pond; checking out our planted areas; enjoying a vigorous hike around the 28 acre property (warning, we have some serious hills); trying out "forest bathing"; striking up a campfire; just relaxing and soak up nature's healing energy; or just about anything else you can think of along the way!  At this time we don't have a charge for farm visits.  But we're always desperately in need of funding for a wide range of farm projects, so we'd greatly appreciate a donation if the notion strikes you.  If you're interested in coming, contact us so we can figure out a date that works for everyone!  (NOTE:  We do have dogs and cats as well.  They all have free reign of inside and outside, and the dogs generally warm right up to people so they shouldn't be a problem.  But we can put them up if they make you feel uncomfortable.  Just be forewarned that our neighbor's dog might also come and go, and we won't be able to lock him away.)
  5. "I have some unwanted items that you might find useful on a farm.  Do you accept donations of used things?"  Absolutely!  There's a very good chance that your trash would be our treasure!  We can find a use for just about any kind of garden or lawn care item (such as tools, fencing, stones, trellis/supports, netting, tarps, etc), construction items (such as lumber, cinder-blocks, pallets, pvc pipes, shelving, plastic sheeting, tools and hardware you don't use, rope/twine/zip ties, etc), and pet items (such as old cages, food & water bowls, food your pets won't eat, etc).  Clear out some unwanted clutter, and help us avoid buying needed supplies!  It's a win-win!