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This is a unique veggie you aren't likely to find anywhere else! 

1/4 pound of Wild Smilax/Greenbriar Shoots (AKA Wild Asparagus)!  These are the somewhat thicker sections of the shoots, which are ideal for sautéing or steaming.  COOK THEM JUST LIKE YOU'D COOK ASPARAGUS (but for a bit less time)!  NOTE:  Some are super fat and others are super skinny.  But in my experience, they all magically cook up to the same firm but tender texture! ♥️

We first discovered these shoots last year, and I'm so excited to offer them to you again!  They're tender and delicious enough to simply snack on them raw*, but they can also be steamed or sauteed.  While they COOK like asparagus, they don't TASTE like it.  Honestly, there isn't much distinctive flavor to them---the closest flavor would be something like the tops of Romaine Lettuce.  

Bamboo Vine/Smilax is an excellent source of VITAMIN E, IRON, CALCIUM, MANGANESE, and FIBER!!  Check out the attached link (or do your own Google Sleuthing) to learn more about the impressive nutritional content and health benefits of this wild plant!