GEORGIA DELIVERIES USUALLY TAKE PLACE EVERY OTHER THURSDAY. Please see the “GEORGIA DELIVERY CALENDAR” page in the menu for calendars. For local deliveries and farm pick-ups, we’ll contact you to make arrangements when you order.


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Add this item to your cart ONLY if you have already made a purchase in which you paid for delivery DURING THIS SAME order "week".  


Today is Monday.   Yesterday, Sarah ordered $20 worth of produce to be delivered on Thursday.  With the delivery fee, she paid a total of $25.00.  But TODAY Sarah realized that she forgot to get eggs!  But she doesn't want to have to pay another $5 to place another order within the same week.  Thankfully, Sarah can simply add The Duplicate Delivery Fee Solution to her cart and magically negate that pesky duplicate delivery fee!  Tomorrow, she's going to wake up with a craving for sausage.  Oh, boy.  Not ANOTHER delivery fee!  BUT WAIT! She can once again use The Duplicate Delivery Fee Solution to erase that additional fee!