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We're taking strawberry jam to a whole new level!  We only had a tiny crop of strawberries since it was our first year, so I froze them over the course of several months to save up enough to try out a new twist on strawberry jam.  Because we had limited numbers, I needed something else to pair with them in order to create a decent-sized batch.  I made a concentrated tea from pineapple sage blossoms and lavender leaves, which came out a gorgeous magenta color with a fruity but sophisticated flavor.  The marriage between that tea and our strawberries was better than I could have ever hoped!  After having read several recipes touting the use of black pepper in strawberry jam, I decided to take a chance and also added a bit of freshly ground pepper to the mix.  And we just LOVE that added layer of warmth it creates!!  With the help of that brightly colored tea, this jam is also our most beautiful jam ever.

INGREDIENTS:  Organic Strawberries, Herbal Tea (made with Organic Pineapple Sage Blossoms, Organic Lavender Leaves and Filtered Water), Organic Sugar, Pectin, Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Freshly Ground Black Pepper

NOTE: We only make small batches each time, and the recipes often evolve between those batches.  So even if you only have minor food allergies, please ALWAYS check the label to make sure we haven't added something different the next time you buy this flavor!

IF YOU HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES:  Our products are handmade in our farm kitchen, which has not been inspected by the USDA.  Other food items with potentially allergenic ingredients are also prepared in this kitchen.  So we do not recommend our products for severely allergic individuals who would be negatively affected by inadvertent cross contamination.

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