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This herbal syrup is designed to fight viral and bacterial attacks on your upper respiratory system while also easing the symptoms those attacks cause.  

While I did choose the ingredients with Covid in mind, I can also personally attest to its effectiveness against some of the other nasty bugs going around!  I recently had a severe (non-Covid) upper respiratory infection and there was one day when I got lazy and missed the first two doses of this syrup.  By that evening, my symptoms had become dramatically worse—severe enough for me to decide I needed to order an Oxymeter!  Realizing that I’d forgotten to be drinking my “syrup tea”, I immediately took my evening dose and made sure to remember it the next morning & afternoon.  By the following evening, I was back to feeling on the mend rather than on the verge of pneumonia!




Water, Sugar, Wild Pine Needles, Fresh Ginger Root, Wild Green Pinecones, Wild Cherry (fruit and bark), Wild Juniper Berries, Wild Sumac Berries, Fresh Pineapple, Wild Rabbit Tobacco, Wild Goldenrod, Wild Plum (fruit and bark), Wild Honeysuckle Blossoms, Lemongrass, Slippery Elm Bark; Wild Sweetgum (seeds & bark), Dried Lemon Peel; Fenugreek Seed, Wild Chickweed, Wild Violet Leaf, Wild Rose-hips, Wild Reishi Mushroom, Wild Turkey Tail Mushroom, Wild Blue Vervain, English Thyme, Cayenne Peppers, Wild Red Clover Blossoms, Wild Cleavers, Black Peppercorns, Wild English Ivy Leaves, Crystallized Orange Juice, Crystallized Lemon Juice, Citric Acid