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Almost everything you'll need to make this refreshing crowd pleaser!  Please note we're offering this fresh Tomato Salsa in both MILD and HOT!  (The Hot Salsa can also be modified to be more of a medium heat level!) 

A family friend introduced my Mom to this recipe years ago, and my sisters and I have been addicted to it ever since!  It may be INTENDED to be used as a snack or appetizer, but Danny and I have made a meal of it more times than we can count!  This salsa recipe isn't trying to mimic what you find in a Mexican restaurant---in my opinion, it's actually BETTER. (With all the ingredients being both fresh and organically grown, it's also better FOR you!!)   

Each order of Hot Salsa will contain 1.5 pounds of Tomatoes, 1/2 pound of Bell Pepper, 2 Jalapenos, just under 1/2 pound of Red or White Onion, 1.5 pounds of Cucumbers, 1/2 ounce of Garlic Cloves, and about .15 ounce of Fresh Basil.  (The Mild Salsa is identical, minus the Jalapenos.)  You'll also get a nice discount on the price of those ingredients!  (A recipe and instructions will be included with your order. To complete the recipe you'll want to have salt and pepper to taste and Balsamic or Red Wine Vinegar AND/OR Worcestershire Sauce!  Trust me, Worcestershire Sauce is an EXCELLENT addition!)