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3 Wings from our own pastured, free range, Heritage Turkeys!  These wings are massive, so we could only actually fit three in the bags!  

ln addition to the surplus (organically grown) fruits and veggies from our gardens and whatever bugs and grasses they forage for on their own, our birds are given a soy-free non-GMO feed. We care for these birds from hatching to processing, making certain that their lives are happy, healthy, and free and the end is as quick and stress free as humanly possible!!  

(BTW, along to reducing stress and providing the sense of contentment which comes from being allowed to engage in instinctive behaviors, allowing birds to freely range around seeking out foraged foods has been proven to dramatically increase the nutritional quality of their meat!)

Compared to the freakishly hybridized breeds used in commercial operations, Heritage Breeds grow slower and rarely even get half as large.  This translates to a significantly higher cost to raise them.  HOWEVER, these birds are not only healthier and happier, they’re also much tastier and more nutritious!!  We trust you’ll agree that the quality of these burgers are well worth added expense!