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ONE POUND of organically grown mixed heirloom tomatoes from our own farm.  These might be all red tomatoes, or might include yellow, orange, "pink", deep purple, or even GREEN tomatoes.  (Yes, the green ones ARE ripe!!)  Their sizes will vary, so your order could range from one very large tomatoes to several small/medium tomatoes.  (NOTE:  Unlike all the large tomato operations, we actually let our tomatoes ripen NATURALLY, which in turn allows them to taste like a tomato is SUPPOSED to taste!  Doing this leaves them vulnerable to nibbles from bugs, cracking from rain, bruising, etc.  If the "bad spots" have scarred over and/or won't be a source of rot, we'll still send you those tomatoes.  They're just too good to waste over cosmetic issues!!)

"Heirloom" vegetables are types that were once popular but were rejected by mass agriculture due to their color, production rate, and/or imperfect appearance.  Over the past decade farmers and scientists have recognized the need to bring genetic diversity back into our food supply, and heirloom vegetables began making a well-deserved resurgence.  These tomatoes are often misshapen, blemished and mottled looking, and can more challenging to grow, but the taste is so worth it!

While not officially certified organic, these tomatoes have been grown using organic and naturally, sustainably grown standards.  Rest assured that they'll be a safe and wholesome addition to your family's diet!