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Two pounds of organically grown Kiefer Pears from the yard of a local friend and customer.  Each order will contain from 5-8 pears, depending on their size.

Kiefer pears have been a staple on southern farms since the late 1800’s.  In modern times grocers began looking upon them with disdain, likely because their mottled, discolored, peel doesn’t look as appealing as the preferred types.  But make no mistake, these humble pears are delicious!  

Kiefer pears are picked when ripe but still green and very firm.  You can eat them at that stage, in which case the consistency and flavor is close to that of an Asian Apple Pear.  You can also store them in the fridge until they’ve ripened to a yellow color, at which point they’ll be softer and sweeter, with that classic European pear flavor.

The peel of these pears is thick, like that of Apple Pears.  Some people will prefer to peel it.  Kiefer pears are excellent for both fresh eating and cooked uses!