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4 ounce jars of Wild Black Cherry Jam!  This tart, flavorful jam is near and dear to my heart because this was the first wild fruit I discovered on our land.  We moved in just after the wild black cherry season wound down, so none were left on the trees.  But I walked behind the barn to gather some honeysuckle vines for the peacocks, and saw a strange black berry on the ground that looked just like a miniature cherry.  I had to wait a whole year to find out if it really was, in fact, a wild cherry.  And when I was finally able to confirm the identity, I only managed to find enough cherries to make about five jars of jam.  But that jam was SO darn good!  Danny and I were determined to be able to make more this year, so last Fall we went around the entire property and cut back any Kudzu or other trees that were shading out the many (young) black cherry trees.  And come spring, I stalked those trees weekly until the cherries started ripening!   I had to make frequent trips with my ladder to eventually gather enough to make a decent sized batch, but I managed to pull it off!

INGREDIENTS:  Wild Black Cherries, Organic Sugar, Filtered Water, Pectin, Citric Acid, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt