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NOTE:  These Yellow Melons have more in the smaller size categories, while the Red Melons have more in the largest size category.

One whole organically grown Heirloom Yellow Watermelon from our garden!  (We finally managed to do it!!😍)  These babies taste like a watermelon SHOULD, sweet, juicy, and addictive!! 

These do have seeds, but it's worth it!  PLUS, those seeds have their own benefits!  If you puree the fruit and seeds together (include the peel & rind, too, for even more benefits) in a Vitamix/Ninja type blender, the seeds will add zinc, iron, protein, and fiber as well as additional phytochemicals which are quite healing for anyone with intestinal imbalances/discomfort.  If you save, rinse, and thoroughly dry the seeds they can later be ground and used to make a tea for children who struggle with bedwetting, adults who battle incontinence, and as support for anyone fighting off a UTI!  (I haven't tried it yet, myself, but I've also read that the seeds can be roasted and snacked on just like pumpkin seeds!!!)

Not to be outdone, because we grow organically both the rind and the peel of our watermelons have their own nutritional & health benefits to add!  Both the peel and the inner rind have higher levels of the key amino acid, L-Citrulline, than the fruit does--and L-Citrulline does great things for the immune system, cardiac system (blood pressure and mitigating damage caused by cardiac stress).  Like the fruit, the rind and peel also contain vitamins B and C as well as phytochemicals (in addition to L-Citrulline) which help to reduce inflammation and oxidation!  And the outer peel, especially, is also an excellent source of Chlorophyll.

HOW TO EAT THE RIND & PEEL:  The peel and the darkest, toughest, layer of rind just below it can be peeled off with a veggie peeler and dried or frozen to use in a surprisingly tasty and beneficial tea, as well as pureed into soups and smoothies.  The peeled rind can then be used in a ton of ways:  Slices can be pickled or fermented to make a snack with a similar flavor but crunchier texture than pickled cucumbers!  Or you can slice the rind and freeze it overnight (at least), then thaw it (I generally pour very hot water over it and microwave in brief spurts to thaw) and squeeze out the excess liquid into a bowl; use the liquid in soups, juices, or smoothies, and pan fry/sautee the slices to make a side dish that tastes amazingly similar to fried green tomatoes (without the gushy centers or the need to bread them, first)!  Or just toss smaller chunks into a stir fry mix!  We also like to run the thawed, squeezed, slices thru a food processor to until they're about the size of relish pieces, which we then add into salsa, slaw, and soups!  Just get creative!!