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(*) GREENS:  RADISH (1/4 Lb)

(*) GREENS: RADISH (1/4 Lb)

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(*) = This is a unique veggie you aren't likely to find anywhere else!

One fourth pound of shockingly delicious organically grown, unwashed, Hailstone and/or French Breakfast Radish Greens.  WAIT!!!  Don’t walk away just because I said “radish”! 😂  I realize that most radish greens are, to quote Danny, “Like really bad turnip greens”. BUT THESE ARE SOOOO DIFFERENT.  The tops are smooth, and even underneath they have only a fraction of the prickles that other radish greens sport.  I watched the leaves with curiosity for months, and finally decided I just HAD to know if they taste as good as they look.  I handed Danny a fistful and asked him to cook them up to see while I headed back out to pick other things.  He decided to sauté them in butter, which I wouldn’t have done.  But, OMG, was that a good decision!!!  I haven’t cooked them any other way to compare the outcome, but sautéed in butter I swear they tasted like spinach!!!  (Also like spinach, we wished we’d torn off the stems prior to cooking, so keep that in mind.) If you like cooked greens, you need to try these and let us know what you think!!We discovered this completely by surprise, too. 

At first we thought it was just the Hailstone Radish's greens, but I've since discovered that the leaves of the French Breakfast Radish ALSO transformed into this highly palatable green AFTER they had set out flowers.  Who knew this unassuming little veggie had so much more to offer those who are patient enough!