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4 ears of organically grown, non-gmo, Roasting Corn from a friend in Roanoke, AL.

You're probably wondering what, exactly, Roasting Corn is!  Also known as Field Corn, Roasting Corn is the non-hybridized corn of days gone by.  When allowed to fully mature on the stalk, it becomes corn meal.  But when picked at an earlier stage, it can be enjoyed as corn on the cob!  Although it definitely has some sweetness to it, Roasting Corn won't have the same level of sweetness as Sweet Corn has.  Instead, it has a more robust corn flavor!  The texture of this corn is also different from Sweet Corn.  It's denser, with a bit more chew to it.  Which is why it's PERFECT for the absolute easiest way to cook corn! 

PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT NOTE:  Organic corn on the cob can be hard to come by, because without the use of harsh chemicals farmers experience much higher losses and it's impossible to avoid the corn earworm.  But non-organic corn is one of the most pesticide-laden, genetically engineered, foods out there so choosing organic is important! 

Here's the rub:  Because this corn is truly organic, there is a very high probability that it will either contain an earworm, or have been damaged a bit by one that is no longer there.  To spare you from having to encounter this problem, we will peel back a few layers of the husk and chop off the top few inches.  (We’ll do our absolute best to ensure that we’ve cut low enough to remove any pests or their damage, but there’s always a small chance you’ll still find one.  If that happens, feel free to request a refund if you’re unable to stomach eating around that spot!)  We’ll then pull the in-tact pieces of husk back up to help protect the corn while it’s roasting!

While not officially certified organic, this corn has been grown using organic and naturally, sustainably grown standards.  Rest assured that they'll be a safe and wholesome addition to your family's diet!