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A one quart jar of Strawberry cobbler filling, just enough for one 8" x 8" cobbler!  (If you prefer to cook this up as a double-crust pie, feel free.  Just know that the filling consistency won't allow for well formed slices!)  Strawberry pie is an American classic, so all season long we picked, sliced, and froze our delicious organic berries with visions of strawberry pie filling dancing in our heads.  Having never actually made the pie before, I didn't realize that its filling isn't meant to be baked and therefore can't hold up to the high heat of canning.  Oops.  So there I was with way too many berries for jam alone, and no idea how to use them.  Enter strawberry COBBLER, the baked equivalent of strawberry pie!  And because I'm terrible at following traditional recipes, I've given this filling a twist all my own.  Like my strawberry jelly, I've boosted the flavor with a tea made from pineapple sage blossoms and lavender along with just a pinch of black pepper to give it a little lift, then I also added freshly ground green cardamom.  And it is GOOD!  (In addition to being an excellent, easy, dessert for any occasion, it's a unique gift for friends and family!!)  I'll send along my personal cobbler crust recipe as well as directions with each jar.  Otherwise you can modify a store-bought frozen pie crust or any other crust recipe you prefer!

INGREDIENTS:  Organic Strawberries, Organic Herbal Tea (Pineapple Sage Blossoms, Lavender, Filtered Water), Organic Sugar, Corn Starch, Butter, Freshly Ground Cardamom, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Freshly Ground Pepper