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Yet another jam that you quite possibly won't find anywhere else!  And I know it sounds bizarre.  I mean, corncob anything sounds less than appealing, right?  But TRUST ME, you won't be disappointed by this one---especially if you're a fan of cinnamon toast!!  Because that's exactly what it tastes like---without all the mess of sugar getting everywhere!  And, yes, it really is made using corncobs.  After the kernels are sliced off and mashed to extract juice, I boil the cobs in that juice and filtered water.   So the corncobs aren't actually in the jam, but they ARE critical to it.  (Don’t worry, there won’t be any chunks of corn kernel in your jam, either.)  I've also recently discovered a more natural pectin that allows me to use even less sugar in my recipes!

NOTE:  The pictures make the jam appear much darker than it really is.  Don't worry, it's not weird black goop!

INGREDIENTS:  Juice from Organic Corn Kernels & Cobs, Filtered Water, Organic Sugar, All Natural Pectin, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, Sea Salt  

NOTE: We only make small batches each time, and the recipes often evolve between those batches.  So even if you only have minor food allergies, please ALWAYS check the label to make sure we haven't added something different the next time you buy this flavor!

IF YOU HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES:  Our products are handmade in our farm kitchen, which has not been inspected by the USDA.  Other food items with potentially allergenic ingredients are also prepared in this kitchen.  So we do not recommend our products for severely allergic individuals who would be negatively affected by inadvertent cross contamination.

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