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One small order (over 1/3 lb) of organically grown baby pattypan squash from our own garden. 

Immature, or baby, squash is widely known to boast the best texture and taste, and many people appreciate the "barely there" immature seeds!  A squash is considered to be a “baby” when its blossom has opened but is still attached.  Sometimes this happens when they’re no wider than a quarter or thicker than a Sharpie marker (depending on the type of squash) and sometimes this doesn’t happen until they’re 4-5 x’s that size.  I have no idea what causes that wide variance, but it occurs within the same plants.

While not officially certified organic, this summer squash has been grown using organic and naturally, sustainably grown standards.  Rest assured that they'll be a safe and wholesome addition to your family's diet!