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2 pounds of September Wonder Apples from Pearson Farm in Fort Valley, GA.  September Wonder are an improvement on the Fuji apple, both in the fact that they ripen much earlier and because they have a better taste and texture than most Fujis!  I'm eating one even as I type, and I can tell you that this apple earns 5 out of 5 stars from this picky apple consumer!  As you probably know, it can be hard to find a crisp apple that doesn't have a watered-down flavor, or a flavorful apple that isn't over soft!  This apple threads that line beautifully:  Crisp enough to please my fellow crunch-lovers, and yet rich in both sweetness and depth of flavor!  It's not what I'd call tart, but there's just enough of a zip in there to accent the sweetness beautifully.