IN ORDER TO GIVE OURSELVES AT LEAST TEN DAYS BETWEEN DELIVERIES, ON ALTERNATING MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS. I’ve posted calendars showing each month’s delivery dates in both the “UPDATES” blog and the “TIPS AND FACTS” page in the menu!



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At least 1.5 pounds of organically grown Zephyr squash from our own farm and/or from our friend at Blackjack Ridge Farm in Roanoke, AL.  In addition to being beautiful with its yellow tops and green bottoms, this delicate squash has a sweet-nutty flavor thanks to two of its "parent squash", the Delicata and the yellow Acorn.  A perfect choice for all your squash recipes!

While not officially certified organic, this summer squash has been grown using organic and naturally, sustainably grown standards.  Rest assured that they'll be a safe and wholesome addition to your family's diet!