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(*) = This is a unique veggie you aren't likely to find anywhere else!

3 ounces of unwashed, organically grown French Breakfast Radish Seed Pods from our farm. 

You're probably wondering what the heck a radish seed pod is, right?  Or maybe you've dared try one from your own garden before, and found it to be as pleasant as chewing on a piece of cardboard.  BUT FEAR NOT!  Experimentation over the years has led me to discover that when it comes to a radish's seed pods, if you have the right growing conditions and you find them at the right stage of development THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!  (This variety has virtually none of that radish “heat”.)  

Last year, the drought rendered them inedible at all stages.  But this year....THIS YEAR....these things are snackably delicious!  Eat them raw out of hand or in salads, and add them to soups and sautes!  

NOTE:  All of our snacking has had the same results:  The French Breakfast pods have a crunchy, juicy, burst of sweetness which is sometimes followed by what I'd describe as a faint whisper of heat.  If you want true heat, look at the Hailstone Radish Pods!