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TWO PURCHASE OPTIONS:  Full order of 10 tea bags, or as individual single tea bags.

Whoever named the herb Pineapple Sage was dead-on accurate.  It's amazing how much those leaves and blossoms smell like fresh pineapple, and once dried they create a wonderfully fruity flavor that you'd never imagine comes from dried leaves!  Meanwhile, the lovely herb "Pineapple Mint" acts as the perfect flavor complement, with a mint flavor that's somewhat understated while highlighted with a hint of fruity sweetness.  This tea combination is sure to delight you!

INGREDIENTS:  Organically Grown Pineapple Sage Blossoms & Leaves, Organically Grown Pineapple Mint Leaves

This tea is sold pre-portioned into heat-sealed teabags.  You can order any number of individual teabags you'd like (adjust the quantity in your shopping cart), or we offer a full order of 10 teabags which will arrive packaged in a gift-worthy & resealable lined paper bag. (This bag can be composted after removing the inner lining & metal tab.)  Anything under ten teabags will arrive sealed in a labeled ziploc bag within a simple paper bag.  (NOTE:  If you want more than 10 bags, you can order one 10-count plus as many individual bags as you'd like, and we'll place them together in the resealable bag.)  

IF YOU HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES:  Our products are handmade in our farm kitchen, which has not been inspected by the USDA.  Other food items with potentially allergenic ingredients are also prepared in this kitchen.  So we do not recommend our products for severely allergic individuals who would be negatively affected by inadvertent cross contamination.