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2.33 ounces of a really cool wild fungi known as “Jelly Mushrooms”.  Specifically, the two varieties I’ve been able to gather here are known as Brown Witches Butter and Wood Ears (or Tree Ears).  These are unlike any other mushroom, with an exceptionally mild flavor and a texture like really thick Jello Jigglers. 😂  They can be eaten raw, but most people prefer to either boil them a few minutes in salted water, add them into soups, or use them in sautés.  They’re especially popular in Sweet and Sour soup, for which many recipes can be found online.  PLEASE NOTE:  The inner layer of these mushrooms are gelatinous, and because they’ve been cut to remove the bark they were attached too, that inner layer is somewhat exposed.  This often causes the mushrooms to get a slimy feel to them.  THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY’VE GONE BAD!!  (They’re safe to eat unless they actually smell rotten.)

Here’s a little note on their nutritional value from

Medicinal Info:

Tremella mushrooms contain high amounts of fiber and vitamin D. In a study done on mice, Tremella mushrooms were found to be among the top cancer and tumor-inhibiting fungi. Tremella mushrooms have been shown to be effective in treating leukopenia, the loss of white blood cells, in cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Tremella mushrooms have been found to help lower blood glucose levels and cholesterol, and can help boost the body’s antioxidant levels. “