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One pound of organically grown, sweet and tender, Mixed ”Toddler”Heirloom Squash from our farm!  If you’re thinking that “toddler squash” sounds made up, you’re right.  It totally is. 😬  I needed a term that conveyed this squash’s growth stage better than “young”, which applies to anything that isn’t fully mature.  So I made one up! 🤷‍♀️😂  I was thinking of doing “Big Baby” at first, but realized that “Toddler” is an even better descriptor.  

Toddler squashes are larger than baby squashes, but that’s the only measurable difference that I can find.  In fact, many (if not most) actually ARE still in the official baby stage but they were so big we knew no one would believe us! 😂 (The deciding hallmark of the “baby stage” is not size, but rather the fact that the blossom has not yet shriveled up and/or fallen off the end of the fruit.)  The seeds of young squash are usually every bit as immature as those of baby squash, and if they’re more developed at all they’ll still be a FAR cry from mature!  I’ve added a side-by-side picture of a cross-sectioned baby and young squash for you to see for yourself!