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Your First Bit Of Farm Fun!!!

I'll be using this blog to begin regularly offering you guys a peek into life on our farm!  Sometimes it will be written anecdotes or musings, and other times pictures and short video clips.  For our inaugural post, here, I decided to start with an adorable video of our latest addition, the ducklings.

These are the first "meat ducks" we've ever raised, and their rapid growth allowed us to release them to free range during the day at a much earlier age.  I've also discovered that their impressive appetites have the fun side effect of making them much more interested in people than our laying ducks have ever been.  In the attached video, the ducklings had just journeyed farther from their coop than ever before.  They'd heard me talking on the phone while I was in the garden, and stormed up to inform me that I was several minutes late serving lunch.  Much to my delight, they then proceeded to follow me all the way back to their feed bowls, like sheep following their shepherd!



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